- The BEST one-time NON-STICK plow coating available today!



Plow-Slick - The BEST 1-time per season protective coating that cures
to a super hard, ultra-slick finish. Plow-Slick repels snow, ice, mud, muck, grime, grass and more!

Use Plow-Slick on your Snowplows, Dump Beds, Excavator Buckets, Pushers, Lawnmowers, UTV's, Jet Skis, Mud Buggies, Air Boats,
Steel Roofs Snowmobiles, Snow Skis, Dirt Bikes, Wheel Wells,
Satellite Dishes and more!

Some Quick
Q's & A's

Is Plow-Slick a lubricant?

NO, Plow-Slick is NOT a silicone spray, graphite spray, Teflon® spray or plow wax but an advanced, 2-part, non-stick, slippery, polymer coating that cures on your snowplow. It will provide an unbelievably slick non-stick finish that will last an entire snowplowing season.
Is Plow-Slick the same as silicone, Teflon® or Pam®?
NO, not even remotely close. Plow-Slick is the ONLY one-time per season,
non-stick, engineered snowplow coating on the market today! In fact, Plow-Slick is so
slick and slippery, it will put any other snowplow paint or coating to shame!
Why is Plow-Slick so slippery?
Plow-Slick is extremely non-stick, slick and slippery because it chemically bonds
to your snowplow and produces the hardest, slickest surface available. The finish
is completely resistant to salt, snow, ice and grime and keeps your expensive
plow working BETTER than new.
Do you have to keep applying Plow-Slick?
NO, because Plow-Slick is an ultra-slick, industrial snowplow coating, only 1 application
per plowing season is needed for incredible, non-stick performance!
How long does it take to apply Plow-Slick?
Plow-Slick only takes about 30 minutes to apply on a clean plow and then
it needs to dry for 48 hours. After that, your plow will have a diamond-hard
slippery finish that NO plow wax, silicon spray or Teflon® spray can provide.
Can Plow-Slick be applied in cool temperatures?
YES. once mixed, Plow-Slick will dry at temperatures in the upper 30's and still give
you the ultra-slick and slippery finish that you and your snowplow will love.
This makes using Plow-Slick a very easy application that can be done in any garage.
How is Plow-Slick applied?
Plow-Slick can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on your plow, dump box or truck bed.
We mostly recommend using a non-shed 1/4" nap roller, and brush, to
apply the super-slick coating.
Do I need to spray any lubricants on the Plow-Slick coating?
NO, actually snowplow lubricants can attract dirt and should NOT be used on the
super-slick, non-stick Plow-Slick coating.
Can Plow-Slick be applied to my shovels?
Absolutely, why not make a hard job much easier?
Plow-Slick is so slippery and non-stick that you will want to use it on
every shovel you own. A one (1) plow kit will cover roughly 40 sq. ft. when rolled on
and 60 sq. ft. when sprayed with a Wagner type sprayer. This is enough to to cover
the front of your plow and generally a few shovels.
Can I use Plow-Slick in my dump box?
YES, Plow-Slick will repel snow, ice and salt build-up. from your dump box and
makes the metal completely resistant to the corrosive damage caused from salt.

Plow-Slick has also been tested against corrosion from salt spray for
over 5500 continuous hours with no signs of corrosion!
Is Plow-Slick available in different colors?
YES. Plow-Slick is available in Safety-Red, Safety-Yellow and Clear.

Custom colors are available for 10-Plow kit orders.

How much should you order?

1-Plow Kit coverage: 60 sq. ft. if sprayed and 40 sq. ft if rolled.

10-Plow Kit coverage: 600 sq. ft. if sprayed and 400 if rolled.

Again, Plow-Slick is NOT a wax, silicone or Teflon® spray but a new state-of-the-art,
2-part polymer snowplow coating that will outperform ANY other snowplow
ice and snow repellent on the market today!


Did you know that a snowplow loaded with snow and ice...

Will add up to 600 lbs. of additional weight to your plow.

Will drastically reduce your fuel economy.

Will ruin your plows hydraulic system.

Will ruin your truck's front suspension.

Will make your engine work too hard.



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Plow-Slick is a slick, snowplow coating not a silicone, Teflon, snow repellent or ice repellent. It is one of the best plow parts money can buy. Whether you have a Boss plows, Western plows, Meyers plows or any other snowplows or snow shovels, Plow-Slick is for you.